Whether it’s mounting credit card or medical bills, your home is in danger of foreclosure or you simply need help with saving and budgeting, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, a division of Goodwill Industries of KYOWVA Area, Inc., offers counseling services designed to bring peace of mind to your financial situation.

CCCS is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the nation’s largest and longest-serving national non-profit credit counseling organization. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation, and are your local, reliable and reputable solution for alleviating the stress of your financial concerns.

We average managing $1.7 million dollars of debt annually in our successful debt management plan program. Unlike frequently advertised and misleading debt settlement programs, our DMPs include a personal counselor who serves as mediator between you and your creditors, manageable monthly payments, reduce interest rates and cessation of collection calls. You make one monthly payment to CCCS, and we do the rest. We can help you avoid bankruptcy.

Among the other services we offer clients are budgeting help and debt management plans. We also offer low-cost credit reports, financial education and pre- and post-bankruptcy counseling. Our counselors provide individual assistance with managing your money, examining current financial problems and education to prevent future difficulties. Many of our programs are available online, accessible from the comfort of your own home. Another area of focus for CCCS is our homebuyer education program.

No matter where you are in your debt, we can help. Acknowledging the problem is the first step, calling CCCS is next. Contact us by phoning 304-522-4321 or 888-534-4387, or e-mailing

Online services

For a personalized assessment of your overall financial health click here. It’s a FREE online quiz that helps you assess your financial life, and then suggests changes you could make to maximize your economic situation.

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For Debtor Education Disclosure, click here.  For bankruptcy counseling, click hereNote: CCCS may disclose information to the United States Trustee. The United States Trustee has reviewed only CCCS’s counseling/instructional services and no other services the agency may provide.

Consumer Credit Success Story

We Are Paying Off $47,000 In Debt in 3 Years!

In early 2019, when they faced what seemed like hopelessly grim credit card debt, these consumer credit counseling clients made a decision.
I looked at my spouse and said “We don’t want to still be trying to pay this off the rest of our lives, we have to do something. We weren’t sure where or how, but we had to do something.’’
Her solution to the problem was simple. She met with one of our consumer credit counselors to find out more about a (DMP) Debt Management Plan. From that moment, their life has been very different. That is what happens when you can pay off $47,000 of credit card debt in three years.
“We are so happy, by going on the DMP we have been able to save over $500 a month on payments’’ “It’s so much more meaningful when you know your extra money can go for something you want or need instead of, oh yeah, another credit card bill.’’
That is a stark contrast to the example they once set for their family. Previously, they signed up for a credit card almost anytime an offer arrived in their mailbox. The zero-balance promotional offers were a bridge to more money and too attractive to turn down. Now, they know better.
“It was a series of little things — not one big thing — and it just creeps up on you,” she said. “I wasn’t happy with it, but if you’re not careful, that’s what can happen to you.’’ “When you are just making the minimum payment, you aren’t really making a dent on the debt; just paying the interest.”
They are a married couple with three children at home and 2 incomes, living in Huntington, WV. They love to be outdoors with their kids, whether it’s walking, biking, yardwork, or playing. It’s the life they love. And it was something they wanted to continue. That’s why they called Goodwill Consumer Credit Counseling.
“I filled out the questionnaire with the credit counselor. They got everything set in no time, very quick, very easy. But the thing I liked best was how we were treated. We weren’t just a number. They truly cared.’’
She said the Goodwill counselors were “non-judgmental,’’ a quality she loved.
“There are plenty of people out there who judge you on the little things,’’ she said “It was more about helping us get past everything so we weren’t stuck with debt the rest of our lives.”
“The mental hurdle of it all was something I thought about a lot. You know, how is this going to effect everything else in our life? What are people going to think? It’s not the easiest thing to admit or say, that we have all this debt.’’
But once that hurdle was passed, they were all-in with Goodwill.
“It’s definitely not a simple thing because you are changing your life and changing your habits,’’ she said. “You’ve got to stick to your plan.”
“Yes, we have three kids, but we decided if it was something we could live without, if it wasn’t of dire need, we’re not going to spend the money.’’
She and her husband hope that their lifestyle will teach their children about the proper use of money. “I think they are learning that money doesn’t grow on trees in the backyard,’’ she said. “They’re learning the value of a dollar.”
She described it as a “regimented’’ approach to money. Once a plan is in place — and you realize that many of the purchases weren’t necessary anyway — that provides the momentum and motivation to continue.
“It helped so much to find Goodwill Consumer Credit Counseling.” “I wouldn’t hesitate to tell people there’s hope and a way to get back on the right track. Sometimes, it helps to see someone who pulled through and see how they did it. We all need to be steered in the right direction.”
“We’re on a good path now and we’re ecstatic about it, We plan to be debt free by the end of our third year on the program.”
Call Goodwill’s Consumer Credit Counseling Program and let us help you at 304.522.4321 or visit