This counseling is offered by:

Telephone: Call 888-534-4387 or 304-522-4321 to schedule appointment. Once scheduled our counselor will call you for the appointment. You may wish to complete an online counseling form to expedite the process. Upon submission of the form you will be sent an email advising you to call our office to schedule a phone session or if you prefer by noting on the application, we will call you to schedule your appointment. If you are filing jointly with your spouse, you will both be required to be on the line for the counseling session.

In Person: Call 888-534-4387 or 304-522-4321 to schedule your face to face counseling session. You may still fill out the online application prior to your in person session. (online counseling form) We will have the information before you arrive which will cut down on the time you will be in our offices. If you are filing jointly with your spouse, you will both be required to be in attendance at the counseling session.

You will need to provide our office with the last four numbers of your social security, verification of your income, date of birth and mothers maiden name. We currently charge up to $30 per person for our pre-filing counseling session (We accept money orders, personal check, debt or credit card). In limited circumstances, based on your household income and size, your fee may be waived entirely. Upon completion of the counseling session and receipt of the any verifications that we need, your certificate will be issued to you.

Pre-Discharge Bankruptcy Education
By law, before your bankruptcy case can be discharged—which means debts are considered satisfied—you must complete pre-discharge bankruptcy education. The course lasts about two hours and covers a variety of topics including:

•    Setting realistic financial goals
•    Information on your credit report
•    Obtaining or re-establishing credit
•    Managing budgets
•    And more

This course must be completed within 45 days of your scheduled meeting of creditors. If it is not completed you may get your case dismissed. A dismissal means that you will have to start all over and will have to pay additional fees to your attorney and the courts. You want to avoid this by calling our office as soon as you receive your bankruptcy case number.

Here are the ways to complete this course:

Internet: Call 888-534-4387 or 304-522-4321 to schedule and get your unique id and password issued to you. Needed forms will be emailed to you with your ID and password.

In Person: Call 888-534-4387 or 304-522-4321 to schedule your in-person course.

Bankruptcy Case Number will be required in order for you to be scheduled. This can be found on your Notice of Filing issued to you by the court. Verification of your case number will also need to be provided to our office.

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